A Fool’s Life - Rain• She• Moom

5” x 13” x 5/16”


Sumi, watercolor and acrylic paint

on Arches text wove.

Black pages:

Gouache and sumi on German ingres paper.

main books.html

Main text: Rain

translated by Will Petersen

On the big bed with her, talking of this and that.

Outside the bedroom window rain was falling.

The blossoms of crinum in this rain must be rotting away.

Her face still seemed to linger in moonlight.

But, talking with her was no longer not tiresome.

Lying on his stomach, quickly lighting a cigarette he realized the days he had spent with her had already amounted to seven years.

“Am I in love with this woman”

He wondered. Even to his self scrutinizing self the answer came as surprise.

“I still am”

© 2010 Yukimi Annand. All rights reserved.