The Wall

Communication on The Wall

Influenced by Antoni Tapies

9 3/8 ” x 7 1/2”


Mixed media on Rives BFK

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© 2014 Yukimi Annand. All rights reserved.


Communication on the Wall

Influenced by Antoni Tapies


Antoni Tapies' paintings are often considered to be walls, a view he does not completely share.


Tapies has said: " painting is simply a support that invites the viewer to participate in the much broader game of a thousand and one visions and feelings".


When I first saw a Tapies’ painting, I immediately became a fan.


I started to think about why his paintings attracted me, why his paintings were considered to be walls, and what a wall means to me.

Tapies has suggested hundreds of meanings that can be derived from a wall. A many of those that influence me are,


Separation, connection, witness to the passing of time, a sign of human imprints, a sense of landscape, meditation on a cosmic theme,

Silence, natural element, a sense of struggle, trace of love, human remains, echoes in space, forms that suggest natural rhythm, of effort, of concentration.

Ancient peoples built walls to protect their areas. They made marks on these walls. And people continue to make marks on walls.

A wall communicates with marks. I feel that it communicates itself to us from standing in space.