Yukimi Annand Fall Class 2013

Blackletter - Gothic Textura to Contemporary Fraktur-

Dates:  9 Saturdays

            August 31, Sep. 14, Oct. 5 and 19th, Nov. 2 and 23, Dec. 7, Jan 11 and 25

Time: 10:00a.m. to 12:15p.m.


1.      Historical background

         Getting ready and writing basic strokes of Textura and lower-case letters  

2.      Practice lower-case letters. Spacing and writing out short quotes. 

3.      Learning Capital letters 

4-5.  Fraktur lower-case letters. Basic strokes, spacing and writing out short quotes. 

6.      Fraktur capitals

7.      Designing greeting cards, logos, etc.

8-9   Writing with flat brush on different surfaces

Fee: $200.00 ~ (depending on size of the group) + $5.00 (materials and handouts)

All levels welcome. Students get individual attention. They will make a final project from several choices like writing broadside, designing, card and/or logos, writing on fabric.

at Yukimi’s Studio

South Torrance, CA

Any questions? Contact:


Gothic Textura

Fraktur + Lombardic

Contemporary Fraktur