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2018 Workshop Schedule

Feb. 15-19   Letters California Style, Pomona, CA - Folded Pen Lettering

Mar. 16-18   Madrid, Spain - Text and Texture                                                                                                                          

Mar. 22-25   Swiss Calligraphy Society, Herzberg, Switzerland  - Sequence

Apr. 14         San Diego Fellow Calligraphers, San Diego, CA  -  Textura & Fraktur

May 19-20   The Chicago Calligraphy Collection, Chicago, IL - T&T Letterform Abstraction

May 22-23  The Michiana Calligraphy Guild, South Bend, IN - Folded Pen Lettering

Jul. 14-21     Seattletters, Bellingham WA - T&T Calligraphic Marks and Nature              

Aug. 12-14   CLAS Festival, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK - T&T Letterform Abstraction

        14-16   CLAS Festival, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK - T&T Calligraphic Marks and Nature

Sep. 28-30    Art Makers Denver, Denver, CO  - Text and Texture

Oct.  20-21   The Colleagues of Calligraphy, Minneapolis, MN

Past Workshops


Feb. 12-20 Letters California Style, Pomona CA, Blackletter

March 18-19 SeaScribes, Monterey CA, Text&Texture

April 18-19 Escribiente and their friends, Albuquerque NM, Text&Texture

April 22-23 Escribiente Calligraphy Society, Albuquerque NM, Blackletter

May 20-21 Alphabeas Calligraphy Guild, Langley BC Canada, Folded Pen Lettering

July 3-6, 8-11 Scheibwerksatt Klingspor Offenbach, Salmünster, Germany, T&T Calligraphic Marks and Nature

Sept. 14-17 The Pacific North West Art School, Coupevdlle WA, Text&Texture

Oct. 14-15 Friends of the Alphabet, Atlanta GA, Text&Texture


Feb. 27-28 The St. Louise Calligraphy Guild, St. Louise MO, Text&Texture

March 18-20 Summit Scribes Guild, Colorado Springs CO, The Wall

April 15-17 Calligraphy Society Montreal, Montreal Canada, Text&Texture


May 6-7 Houston Calligraphy Guild, Houston TX, Text&Texture

June27 - 29  The Show of Hand, Swannanoa NC, T&T Letterform Abstraction

July30-Aug. 1 The Show of Hand, Swannanoa NC, T&T Calligraphic Marks and Nature

Oct. 7-10 Washington Calligraphers Guild, Washington DC, Text&Texture

Nov. 12-13 Calligraphy Guild in Columbus Ohio, Columbus OH, T&T Calligraphic Marks & Nature


Feb  13 - 16 Letters California Style, Pomona CA, Text&Texture

March 14-15 Calligraphic Society Arizona, Phoenix AZ, Text&Texture

March 28-29  Westcoast Calligraphy Society, Vancouver BC Canada, Text&Texture 

May  9 -12  The Lettera, Hamburg Germany, Text&Texture 

       15-17 The Barvarian Calligraphy Group, Niederaichbach Germany,Text&Texture 


       20-23 Ars Scribendi, Schwerte Germany, Text&Texture 

July  1-3 The Calligraphy Society of Victoria, Melbourne Australia,Text&Texture

         4-5 The Calligraphy Society of Victoria, Melbourne Australia,The Wall

Aug 2 - 8 Scriptures Summerclass, Turnhout Belgium, Sequence


       11-13 Bruges Belgium, Sequence

Sept. 18-20 Masscribes, Boston Ma, Text&Texture

Oct 24-26 J-Laf, Tokyo Japan, Sequence

Oct 31-Nov1 J-Laf,  Nagoya Japan, Sequence

Nov 7-8  J-Laf,  Osaka Japan, Folded Pen Lettering

       3-4  J-Laf,  Hiroshima Japan, Folded Pen Lettering


Feb 14-17 Letters California Style, Pomona CA, Sequence 

March 15-16 Pacific Scribes, San Jose CA, Text&Texture

April 12-13 Lettering Arts Guild in Red Deer, Alberta Canada, Text&Texture


May  4 - 9 Cheerio Calligraphy Retreat, Rolling Gap NC, Text&Texture

June 23-28 GhosT Ranch, Abiquiu NM, Text&Texture  

July 19 - 26 Legacies International Conference, Dallas TX, Sequence 


Aug. 8 - 10 Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland OR, Sequence


Sept. 13-14 Big Sky Scribe, Montana, Text&Texture


Sept. 19-20 Society for Calligraphy, CA, Blackletter

Oct. 17-19 Michigan Association of Calligraphers, Text&Texture

Nov. 5 - 6  Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Vally, BC Canada, Text&Texture

Nov. 8 - 9 Fairbank Calligraphy Society, BC Canada, Sequence




March 16-17  Susan Longerot Studio, Costa mesa CA,  Sequence       

June 19-23 Friends of Calligraphy, Oakland CA, Text&Texture       

July 21-27 The Summit International Conference, Colorado Springs, Text&Texture  

October 12-13 San Diego Fellow Calligraphers, San Diego CA, Text&Texture    

November 9-10 Portland Society for Calligraphy, Portland OR, Sequence

November 12-14 Capital Calligraphers guild, Calem OR, Sequence              



Feb 17 - 19  Letters California Style, Pomona CA, Text&Texture   

May 22,29, June 5,12 Susan Longerot Studio, Costa mesa CA, Text&Texture   


Nov. 13 Society for Calligraphy, Westwood CA, Watercolor Background