New website under construction





Thank you for visiting my website. My new site will be up soon. For now, here is my upcoming workshop schedule.


Jan.19-20,  Society for Calligraphy, CA 

May 8-12,  Buenos Aires, Argentina – Text and Texture

Jun. 29 – Jul. 6,  Rendez-vous 2019, Montreal, Canada – Foundational Hand

Aug. 21-25,  Associazione Calligrafica Italiana, Santuario Monteortone, Italy – Text and Texture Calligraphic Marks and Nature

Aug 30- Sep. 1,  Ticino, Switzerland – Sequence

Oct. 25 – 27,  Fort Worth Calligraphers Guild, Grapevine TX – Drawn Capitals

Nov. 16 – 17, Santa Ana, CA


March, South Korea

April 26-27, Pen Dragon, MI

April 30 – May 3, Michigan Association of Calligraphers (MAC)

June 13-14, Chicago Calligraphy Collective, IL

Sept. 17-20, Dusseldorf, Germany

Sept. Ruddervoorde, Belgium

Oct. RainWriters, Bellingham WA

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